Software Company Reduces IT Maintenance and Supports More Revenue with Cloud Services

PrecisionLender develops loan pricing and profitability software to help community banks and credit unions find the most profitable loan structure for borrowers. The company developed its proprietary PrecisionLender software from the beginning to run in a cloud-computing environment, and previously used a third-party provider to host its virtual application servers. However, employees at PrecisionLender were distracted by IT maintenance tasks and had to mitigate service interruptions during new deployments. So, in May 2010, PrecisionLender migrated to the Windows Azure platform for hosting and compute processing, including Microsoft SQL Azure for its relational database needs. Now the company enjoys quick and easy scalability, uptime during deployments, and a SAS 70 Type II-compliant infrastructure that customers trust. Plus, PrecisionLender can better focus on its core competencies and growing a successful business.

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